Mobile Based Rumbai Flood And Broken Drainage Reporting System Using Exteme Programming


  • Aziz Kandias Politeknik Caltex
  • Shumaya Resty Ramadhani Politeknik Caltex
  • Retno Tri Wahyuni Politeknik Caltex


Flood and Drainage Reporting System, Extreme Programming, Flutter


Floods and broken drainage are often experienced by the community, but only a few people report these

cases by reporting directly to the local government which takes a long time because they must report the cases

with official letter. Besides that, most people do not know where and how to report cases of flood and broken

drainage. On the other hand, Pekanbaru Public Works Agency (PUPR) handles, and updates reports through

internal WhatsApp group so that report updates are not stored in a structured way and public community cannot

see the updates directly. Because of the problem above a system is needed to handle the problem, the system that

is going to be created implemented extreme programming methodology and built with flutter for fastest

development that covering both IOS and Android devices and expected to facilitate easy access and speeds up the

process for creating reports from the public community and the PUPR officer to flood or broken drainage and

could provide and record up-to-date data and status of the reports. Based on the results of testing, that is unit,

integration and black box testing found that the functionality of the system was going well. Then, for usability

testing with the SUS method, the results were 78. Based on the usability testing, it can be concluded that the

system that has been created is categorize as good acceptable and it can help public community to simply create

flood and broken drainage report also provide the up-to-date report of submitted report.