Aggregator Backend API With KrakenD


  • Fikri Muhaffizh Imani Politeknik Caltex Riau


API, API Gateway, Endpoint, KrakenD


Implementation of API Gateway to secure and expose backend API as an endpoint that can be

accessed by the client is ideal step in developing an integrated system. The client makes a request through an

endpoint exposed by API Gateway to get the data needed to display a web page, but the server load will increase

if the page requires data from several endpoints that require multiple requests to be made to the server. Vertical

scaling can be applied to increase server resources in order to handle these requests, but this solution costs a lot

of money. This research was conducted to overcome the problem of multiple requests by clients without having

to do vertical scaling by implementing KrakenD as an aggregator backend API to combine several backend API

into one and expose the combined results back into a new endpoint. Based on the results of the study,

aggregation on several API backends was able to reduce 75% of the request load to the server. This solution can

become novel consideration in building an information system that requires data from several different backend