The Students’ Perspective of Animated Learning Videos for Speaking Materials: English for Vocational Purposes


  • Astuti Pratiwi Rahmadhani Politeknik Negeri Padang
  • Fithratul Miladiyenti Politeknik Negeri Padang


Teaching Speaking, Animation Learning Videos


Powtoon online application. The analysis on the study is using qualitative methods with a case study
approach This study reports an analysis of the participants’ perspective on the effectiveness of animated learning videos
which was created by using. Respondents in this study involved participants from the English Department of State
Polytechnic of Padang. The result shows that the animation learning videos help the participants to understand the
learning material. The participants feel excited with the video and help them to learn the material by themselves or
self-study. It indicates that animated learning videos assist students in comprehending the learning materials. The video
gains the students' interest and encourages them to learn the material on their own or through self-study. Furthermore,
it teaches students how to practice the expressions in a conversation for the purpose of improving their speaking skills.