Study of Characteristic MPX5700AP Sensor For Pressure System Monitoring Based Various Units


  • Abdul Hadi State Polytechnic of Bengkalis
  • Zainal Abidin State Polytechnic of Bengkalis
  • Tri Dewantoro State Polytechnic of Bengkalis


MPX5700AP sensor, Accuracy, Atmosphere Pressure.


Implementation of MPX5700AP sensor is very much among practitioners and academics to

measure pressure. However, the sensor accuracy obtained is always far from the measurement due to reading

errors. This study calculates the accuracy of the MPX5700AP sensor in reading measurements. The reading of

this pressure measurement is measured by a standard measurement of environmental pressure, which is

atmosphere pressure. From the research obtained, the MPX5700AP sensor has a voltage output with an

accuracy of 98.81%. The reading accuracy for each measurement conversion is 96.08%, 95.95%, and 95.94%

between kPa, Psi, and mmHg respectively.