Experimental Study of the Effect of Crude Palm Oil (Non-Newtonian Fluid) Viscosity on Increasing Flowrate Capacity


  • Bela Amelia Politeknik Caltex Riau
  • Amnur Akhyan Politeknik Caltex Riau


Viscosity, Crude Palm Oil, Flow Capacity


: Crude Palm Oil's viscosity level is very influential in the distribution in palm oil mills. This research

shows that the high temperature will cause the viscosity to decrease. The force given to Crude Palm Oil can also

reduce its viscosity levels. This proves that Crude Palm Oil is a Non-Newtonian fluid. This test shows that

Crude Palm Oil with a temperature below 60°C has a discharge that is still changing from the first minute to the

third minute. Meanwhile, Crude Palm Oil with a temperature above 60°C has a discharge that does not change

after the first minute. From this, it can be concluded that 60°C is the best temperature for palm oil mills in the

distribution of Crude Palm Oil.