Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Pemesanan Bunga Berbasis Website (study Kasus Toko Bunga Etriyan Florist)


  • Dedek Sofia Lumbantoruan Politeknik Caltex Riau


Etriyan Florist, Information System, prototyping, User Acceptance test, Black Box


Etriyan Florist flower shop flower sales process is still done traditionally, where the buyers have to come to the store and write an order, so the problem that arises is the difficulty of finding order data. The purpose of this research is to help sellers to solve the problem of order data. The data collection process has been conducted by observation, interview and collecting some documentation in the field. The result will be developed a software application by designing and modeling from observation results. For the process of software development will be applied prototyping on the development of online applications web-based florists in the hope of facilitating the search for data and ordering as well as the purchase of bouquets of flowers in the store. The result in the creation of this final task is an Application Information System Based Flower Order Website (Case Study Etriyan Florist). The tests used in this final task are black box and UAT testing, on the system created black box test results that show that the overall functionality of the system has been successful and the percentage of User Acceptance test results obtained a value of 96% (with the category strongly agreed, thus the Application of Website-Based Flower Order Information System (Case Study Of Florist Etriyan Florist) can be concluded that it has been running as desired and has been accepted by the user.

Keywords: Etriyan Florist, Flower Sales Application, Traditional, Software Application