Rancang Bangun Sistem Penjualan Dengan Metode Prototype Berbasis Web (studi Kasus : Toko Bunda Laxana)


  • Melda Lestari Politeknik Caltex Riau
  • Shumaya Resty Ramadhani


Sales System, Prototype, Black box, User Acceptance Test (UAT)


The application of information technology is still uneven, one of which is the Bunda Laxana Store
which sells various kinds of daily goods, such as sugar, milk, rice, and others. Some of the
problems that are often faced by Bunda Laxana Stores are when there is a sales transaction, the
store must record the transaction into the sales transaction log book. The risks faced are errors in
data processing and frequent loss of transaction evidence. As a result, the store could not
calculate the total sales and suffered a loss to the store. The second problem is when customers
want to buy goods in large quantities, the store must first ensure the availability of goods in the
warehouse. The store does not yet know whether the availability of goods is adequate. Based on
the problems above, this research proposes to create a web-based sales system with the title
Design and Build a Sales System Using the Prototyping Method. This system is designed using the
PHP and MYSQL programming languages as the DBMS. Testing on this system using black box
testing) with the results concluded that the functionality of the sales system has been successful as
a whole. In the User Acceptance Test (UAT) testing, the system functionality has been tested for
shop owners and employees, and based on the test results, the overall system has been functioning
well functionally.