Rancang Bangun Sistem Penjualan Furniture Berbasis Web Dengan Metode Prototype


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Framework Codeigniter, Furniture Online, Prototype, Perabot Edi


Edi Furniture is a business that is engaged in furniture and furniture and has been running for about

30 years. Many buildings such as schools, health centers, police houses, and other buildings have furniture and

furniture made in Edi Furniture. Many contractors are already clients of Edi Furniture. However, payments and

data processing are still done manually. That way we need a system that can process the furniture sales process

online, can provide information from wood processing to completion, and process data obtained from the sales

process in the form of order reports, payment reports, product reports, and Inventory reports. The solution to

this problem is the construction of a system "Design and Build a Web-Based Furniture Sales System with the

Prototype Method". This system can facilitate the product marketing process, can carry out the sales process

easily and efficiently, and can perform data processing quickly and precisely. This system uses black box testing

and usability testing. The development of this system was completed in 2 iterations and the system worked for

approximately 4 months. Based on the results of black box testing, it can be concluded that the functionality of

the system has been successful. Meanwhile, based on questionnaire testing on users, it was found that 81.11% of

this system was satisfactory for users, and based on questionnaire testing on employees it was found that 88% of

this system was satisfactory for employees.