Sistem Pemupukan Otomatis Berdasarkan Unsur Hara Tanah Tanaman Tomat Berbasis Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Cyntia Widiasari Politeknik Caltex Riau
  • Tia Febri Ananda Politeknik Caltex Riau


Internet of Things, Node MCU ESP8266, PH sensor, RTC


Along with the development of technology, the application of technology in agriculture is very
important. Due to the increasing need for plant monitoring and care. Fertilizer watering is usually done
manually, this method is less effective because the selection of fertilizers is not in accordance with soil
conditions and farmers often forget the fertilization schedule that should be done on time. Based on previous
studies, the fertilization system designed only works based on scheduling indicators without paying attention to
indicators of the soil condition itself. This will result in an unfavorable impact on tomato plants due to errors in
giving the type of fertilizer. Therefore, an automatic plant fertilization system is needed that is equipped with a
monitoring system via the internet and pays attention to indicators of the condition of soil nutrients, so that the
quality of plants can increase and make the work of farmers easier. This tool consists of a PH sensor that
supports Android as a PH indicator, a RTC as an instruction for scheduling time, a 12V DC pump for the
fertilizer water process, a relay as a connector and performance breaker for the pump, and an ESP8266 MCU
Node as a microcontroller programmed to. Run the tool and regulate the fertilizer application process. From this
system, it is hoped that it will make it easier for farmers to schedule fertilization and at the same time know the
PH value of the soil to determine the type of fertilizer needed.