Pendistribusian Sumber Daya Air Di Pulau Jemara


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  • Hanifah Widiastuti Politeknik Negeri Batam
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Clean water demand, Jemara Island, Tandon water volume


Water demand is the amount of water required to support human activities. Along with the growth of
Jemara Island comunity, water has became one of the primary need to obtain a better and productive life.
According to the survey that has been carried out, Jemara Island community still have not had access for clean
water and electricity to accommodate the community need. Based on the results of field survey, Jemara Island
comunity rely their water need on seven dug wells with diameter of each well of 1,5 meters and depth of 3
meters. However, at high tide, the well near to residential will be affected. It causes Jemara Island community
rely in their water supply on the well 10 meter away from the residential which spend lot of energy. Therefore,
this service community program will optimize two wells located far from the shoreline at the top of the
topography, provided water pump to drawn well water, provide water reservoir and also install pipe water
distribution to the residential. According to a study that has been carried out, to drain water into two reservoirs
with a capacity of 2,500 liters, the pump is able to operate for 6 hours with 2 hours pause after used to avoid
pump perform over the daily usage limit. In order to pump water to the reservoirs, it needs 6 liters gasoline to
oprate the pump and generator set. Assuming that each resident consumes 10 liters of water per day with a
population of 150 people, then the need for clean water for drinking or cooking is 1500 liters, so it is estimated
that two tandons will be used for about 4-5 days.